On the bus today there were a number of truly gorgeous women. Not that unusual. It’s a college town. There was the typical hipster chick with her little dyed fauxhawk, the ‘conventionally pretty’ blond with the shoulder-length flip cut and pink iPod, and the softball player with just a touch of hardness. But the one who really caught my eye was the girl at the back of the bus in the red-and-white floral wrap dress.

The dress was flattering, that’s for sure. There was something else about her that attracted me, though–her size. Yes, this girl was BIG. The dress illuminated the hourglass of her figure, clung to the folds around her middle, fluttered over her plump, luscious legs. I wanted to rest my head on her shoulder and wrap myself around her, run my fingers around every curve and bend, start at her neck and lick down….


In any case, she was damn cute, and part of the appeal was that she was a bigger girl. Which got me wondering, how many people look at her and think that? How many think that’s an offensive thought? Does she ever look at other people and imagine that they’re thinking the same thing as me?

2 Responses to peaches

  1. hmm…i’m kind of a (ashamed, and closeted) sizeist (i think i got it from my father…but that’s neither here nor there).
    But. Sometimes there are people who look perfect the way they are. There was a girl whose letter and photo were on post-secret for a long time – she was a big girl, and she was gorgeous. They took her letter and picture off a few weeks ago – i was sad to see her go, i was kind of smitten.

  2. linaria says:

    eh, we all have weaknesses. it took me a long time to realize that i had a bit of bi-phobia kicking around in there that i really needed to pull out and deal with (or risk losing a whole lot of friends, not to mention my girlfriend). but knowing means you’re alright. it’s people who discriminate without realizing what they’re doing–or that it’s wrong–who should really be ashamed.

    and i know exactly who you mean. she was blond and had the cutest almost-shy smile? yeah. i’m not addicted to post-secret or anything.

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