million-dollar question:

Can I learn to tie a Windsor knot? How about with my eyes closed?

….before Friday?

7 Responses to million-dollar question:

  1. backlist says:

    oooh – that sounds fun. tell us why you need to know!

  2. Dylan says:

    i bet you could if the motivation behind needing to know was good enough. ;)

  3. linaria says:

    backlist: i knew you would ask…

    dylan: i bet i could too. and i bet you’d like to know too, right?

    i’d tell you guys more but right now i am busy practicing.

  4. sinclair says:

    mmhmmm most definitely. watch this video: — that’s a half windsor. i haven’t done it with my eyes closed, but I bet it’s possible.

  5. linaria says:

    sinclair: ….thanks! :) it really is rather simple, though so far no luck with keeping my eyes closed–i’d blindfold myself but then i’d never know if it came out right!

  6. backlist says:

    Well, what was the verdict?

  7. dylan says:

    i would like an update sometime soon. k, thanks, bye! :)

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