in praise of NY & Co.

Yesterday the girlfriend and I spent most of the morning shopping for clothes for a wedding in the afternoon (more on that when I’m less hung over). Naturally, we had to pay a visit to the one store I never pass up: New York and Company.

Oh I love NY&Co. For myself, I generally shop vintage, but I bring K. there any chance I can get because they have THE most satisfactory assortment of masculine-styled clothes for female-bodied persons. K. is not the kind of girl who can easily pass (at least not from the front–though she reports that she got “sirred” by a customer standing behind her on Thursday), nor am I sure she wants to. She’s not a small girl, in any case; she’s got lovely curves. Which makes it tricky when you’re searching for a button-down in a solid color, since most women’s shirts are in off-shades or pastels, or have shirring, ruching, bows, etc.

But not at NY&Co. Oh no. They had black, white, blue, and a primary red, all without “extra detailing” of any kind. We ended up also getting a pair of plain black chinos and some fabulous grey pinstripe pants (which of course I had to hem since they were out of petites, but that’s okay).

I really love that store.

2 Responses to in praise of NY & Co.

  1. Dylan says:

    Good button downs at NY&Co. Really?! I will have to check that out. I’m a tiny little butch so wearing men’s clothing is really hard but finding women’s clothing that isn’t super tailored and feminine is also hard.

  2. linaria says:

    well, they do go for tailored. from what you’ve said elsewhere, it sounds like most of the shirts in your size will be too full in the ‘bust,’ which is not quite K. situation since she is full-figured everywhere, but I still think you might be able to find something in your size (she wears a 14/16 women’s and they go all the way down to a size 2).

    for the sake of full disclosure, I should mention that the shirts were bought some months ago, the pants were the only purchase made this week. now that the summer lines are out there might only be short sleeves. still, I think something like this could be nice.

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