what so proudly we hail’d

On this great anniversary of our nation (*dry cough*), I am thinking mostly about the electric bill, and wondering whether we have enough money in our joint account to cover that and the rent check we just mailed out. I think we do; K. is working today, which means double-time and a half—it ain’t so much on $8/hr, but it’s something.

It is hard to be patriotic these days. I am glad for the things we do have, and know that many people across the world don’t have the standard of living we do. I am truly grateful, for instance, that I have clean water, that I don’t have to worry about intestinal parasites, that I live in a house that doesn’t flood on a regular basis. But the news is depressing, and it’s hard to even think about the big picture sometimes because I am too busy thinking about the electric bill. And that’s true for most people I know. There are probably people out there who just pay the electric bill without thinking much about it (kudos to you if you’re one of them), and I hope someday that’ll be me, but in the meantime…happy 4th of July. I’ll be doing laundry and paying bills.

One Response to what so proudly we hail’d

  1. Dylan says:

    I’ve always had a rather neutral take on the fourth of July as well. My mom is obsessed with fireworks so it’s her favorite holiday and she’s always excited and way into it… but that patriotism of the whole shabang was always a turn off for me. Lately, I feel sort of conflicted and did make my best effort this year to have the 4th be more than just good grilling and too many drinks.

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