things to do at work

Like many people, I have a desk job which (sadly) requires me to be physically at my desk, in front of my computer, for 7.5 hours a day. In some ways I’m very lucky–I work in academia which is much more relaxed than it is in the corporate world. There is no dress code other than closed-toed shoes (because we work in a library and books are heavy), and no restrictions on our internet usage. But I’m still an administrator, and I’m expected to sit at my desk and administrate.

In a few years I will probably leave this job for another organization or department. It’s not ideal: I like people, I get bored easily, I want stimulation and interaction and the internet just doesn’t do it. But in the meantime I have great benefits, decent coworkers, good money, and I do somewhat important work.

That said, here is a short list of things I am doing instead of actually working:

-writing a blog post
-studying for the GREs
-thinking about ways to thwart my pets in their quest to destroy my furniture
-obsessively checking my desk plants for insects
-making origami…things
-thinking about scenarios for porn I might someday write

Please feel free to contribute to this list.

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