dare to eat a peach…

Some time ago, I read an essay by Susie Bright on aging bodies, where she spent some time at a nudist event/resort/something and made some notes on how people’s bodies look as they age. I found it inspiring, uplifting, and lately I’ve been thinking a great deal on the subject.

At my job, most of my coworkers are my parents’ age, but I also work with students, who are now noticeably younger than myself. At some point in the last year I crossed some line where I don’t relate well with teenagers, where I’m mildly surprised when I meet the incoming freshmen and realize I remember the year they were born. How as time passes I feel older and older.

It sounds funny to write this since I am, after all, only 25. And I look much younger (judging by the type of men who hit on me, and the servers who always always card me). But like anyone I am aging, and I’m sure that someday sooner than I think I’ll look up and realize I’m 40. I hope, when that day comes, that I feel myself to still be attractive, to be beautiful, and am comfortable in my skin.

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