whatever makes you feel pretty

Winter is coming down on us fast here. Today it was 40 degrees and overcast, the air smelled like snow. The leaves are mostly down, and until we change the clocks (soon!) the view from my morning bus stop is of sunrise. I have a hard time with this time of year, waiting for the long slow winter, and this year is turning out especially difficult. Various work and relationship problems are making me feel rather bad about myself, a little bit worthless…

What I need is a dress-up day. Kitten heels, warm tights, a full skirt and a clingy sweater. Scarf, hat, and gloves (of course), coordinated with bag. Perhaps a structured handbag, or possibly a little clutch. A few rhinestones here and there might not hurt, possibly a vintage brooch. A date out would be nice, at a good restaurant with a slightly fancy wine, or even just a place with dainty desserts. K in a blazer, shiny boots, a pair of glass cufflinks…yes, a dress-up date would be the perfect thing. 

Alas, K. and I live in a potato field and we’ve been to every restaurant we can afford about a thousand times before (no novelty there). So I suppose I’ll resort to what I usually do in these situations–window-shopping (monitor shopping? what do you call online shopping when you don’t buy?) for the kind of dress-up clothes you wear when you don’t have anywhere to go out. Slinky stockings, knee-high socks, fluttery little pajamas…and of course jewelry. Because when you’re fantasizing about having money, you should really go all out.



postscript. I am actually not the kind of girl who wears a lot of jewelry because I become obsessive about everything going perfectly together, which isn’t one of my talents. The jewelry I wear most is more of the body-modification type and was installed by a professional piercer. More utilitarian than beautiful. Though, I’ve just discovered that Tribalectic carries piercing locks…unfortunately they only come in stainless steel (I can only wear titanium and niobium), but still–so hot! It makes me want to get another body piercing just so I’ll have somewhere to wear one.

2 Responses to whatever makes you feel pretty

  1. leo says:

    hey there, just stopping by from sugarbutch. i found your comment there (about the election) to be dead on. the sheer of apathy of so many liberals around me about this issue is appalling. so many people told me prop 8 would never pass & to stop worrying; now they’re telling me that my civil rights have to wait until we’ve dealt with the really important stuff (ie, the economy). and i live in mass., too, so of course i’m not supposed to care. anyway, wanted to say hello, count me in as a new reader over here.

  2. linaria says:

    leo: thanks. I appreciate your thoughts–I’m sure there are a lot more of us as well (or at least I hope so).

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