when worlds collide

As I logged in a minute ago, I couldn’t help but notice the featured post on the WordPress homepage: “How to Tweet Your Way Out Of A Job,” about a foolish person who, after receiving a job offer, posted something on Twitter that made the company revoke the offer.

Indeed. Just this morning in a staff meeting one of our younger professionals gave a presentation on “Web 2.0” –how organizations like ours use social networking sites to promote themselves and keep up with customer opinions. It was laughable at points, because the main audience was people who have yet to understand that Ctrl+C= Edit>Copy = Right Click>Copy…but I took a warning to it as well. Some of my coworkers may be net savvy.

So what? Well, this  is exactly what has kept me away from the blogging of late. I don’t have much opportunity to post, and most of it is during the work day when my computer access is unlimited but potentially monitored. It’s not easy for me to sit down and write a post about the really hot threesome I had last weekend (true story;) when I’m restricted to posting at work. It’s hard enough to keep my coworkers from asking where I got that bruise on my arm (raquetball practice), nevermind having them find out what I write online. It wouldn’t be catastrophic, but it wouldn’t be good either.

And yet, these are the very issues that brought me to blogging to begin with. S. Bear Bergman wrote an excellent essay on this in Butch is a Noun, about the opportunities that the internet creates for those who have very little community in real life. Both the personal blogs by people like you, and collaborative blogs like Genderfork — they bring me comfort when I’m feeling isolated, and give me intellectual stimulation in the absence of real life dialogue.

Furthermore, this is exactly what makes me admire the big-shot sexbloggers I love to read.  For those that have other jobs, I’m amazed they find the time and energy–for those that have made promoting gender and sex awareness their profession, I’m in awe of their dedication.

In conclusion, bless teh interwebs.

3 Responses to when worlds collide

  1. mesoterica says:

    Word – this is exactly why I took my LJ friends-only and have kept it anonymous even behind the friends locking. There are just too many ways for something to bite you in the ass.

    (Though, that being said? Hot threesome story FTW! Please tell me you ARE planning to share that eventually…? ;D)

  2. backlist says:

    Oh and I miss you. There’s no doubt there’s a risk. For me, it’s facebook. While several folks I know use it to say things like “Ugh, my job!”, I’m reluctant to post anything but the most basic stuff. It’s accessible to any of my coworkers and they can see wht I say (and when I say it). On there other hand – there HAS to be a place for hot threesome stories. Seriously.

  3. it is a little scary. on the other hand, i take comfort in the fact that – while i don’t want anyone finding me online – the people who would be really horrified by my blog are mostly the same ones who haven’t figured out “ctrl-c” yet.

    then again, i try to tell myself i wouldn’t mind, but i kind of panicked when i voluntarily showed it to my girlfriend. also, *ahem*, story? ;)

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