like geese overhead

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. I’m halfway done with my master’s now, the long slow grind of graduate school which leaves me no time and very little energy for sexblogging. And in recent times I’ve made more RL kinky friends which has taken the edge off the need for online exhibition community. It’s just not as necessary to my happiness and well-being as it was some years ago.


My partner K and I are pondering, wonderously, our fifth anniversary. I don’t say celebrating because we don’t–too jinxy, a la Dan Savage. We’re the type that poo-poos on Valentine’s Day. But thinking that we have known each other five years does give me pause– I am still amazed by her brilliance, sharp wit, and creative sadism and I hope we shall be together much longer yet.

And Saint and I have been seeing much more of each other. I could almost call him my boyfriend–it almost begins to resemble a real relationship, except without the trappings of commitment that come with such.  So la. We enjoy each others’ company still and I must be content with that.

We’ve been in this odd V for three years, K and I, Saint and I.  They are two completely different tops and I’m a different girl for each. But in the past few months they have grown a bit closer, and I’ve been surprised to find my two relationships have converged. Totally unexpected but once it happened, it seemed inevitable, the thing that we were always moving towards–they like each other, and they have at least one common interest in my body, in the noises I make in pain.

And in each other. All this time I never knew he had this other side: the sweet little boy with a soft voice, strong and obedient. K is thrilled, of course: now she has one of each kind, a girl and a boy! So we are all deep in scheming. What games should we play next? What horrible twisted things to enact? Indeed.

4 Responses to like geese overhead

  1. mesoterica says:

    First, I can’t even tell you how happy I am to see an update (and more so that you’re happy and well yourself!) :D Second, the V-shaped relationship structure becoming somewhat triangular… it’s trippy but kind of marvelous, isn’t it?

    • linaria says:

      And I’m happy to hear from you! All is well I hope?

      It is trippy and marvelous. Things have changed a lot in the last year, both between K and I as well as this triad. Hopefully I’ll find some time to write a bit more–I miss blogging a lot. (Most particularly, reading you.)

  2. meridith says:

    I read. I think of you. And I’m terribly envious.

    • linaria says:

      Be envious if you like, it’s also very complex. And stressful. I plan to write about some of that as well, if I’m brave enough…

      How’s the small one? Are you and D well? Please do write. <3

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